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APRIL 13th 2016

Annual WCC Board Elections


Elections: Officers all ran unopposed


Chair - Sam Hahn

Vice Chair - Emily West

Treasurer - Den Ramsey

Secretary - Cathy Feely


At Large. There were 12 candidates for 11 spots. There were 24 total votes.


The following were elected to the At Large seats:


Christopher Gadsby

Emily Ridout

Brad Foster

Lee Fouste

Michael Adams

Aaron J. Moore

Jevon L Peck

Cathy Cookie Kapelka

Lyle Murphy

Travis Sheridan

Wayde Love



EWEB Commissioner candidate Sonya Carlson came to visit -


Sonya Carlson's Campaign Site


Text from Sonya Carlson's website-


After working for Community Energy Project and other non-profits, I decided to dive into political work.

I worked as Rep. Phil Barnhart’s Chief of Staff for five years. During that time, I forged working relationships with both Democratic and Republican legislators.  I helped pass legislation that:


  • Improved the transparency of tax credits.

  • Removed a loophole that allowed insurance companies to get out of paying for addiction treatment when covered people needed it most and had the highest likelihood of success.

  • Built a coalition of legislators to obtain $4 million in state funding to build the Lebanon Veterans Home. The additional funding was needed because the Federal government changed the building design midway through the project.


EWEB Commissioners are primarily responsible for setting policy and making investment decisions. Diverse boards are more successful, because they represent a wider variety of viewpoints and thus foresee more risks and opportunities than less diverse boards.  It is time to elect a common-sense woman to the board who can bridge divides, has experience setting policy, and training to analyze if a new investment will bring long-term benefit and match our community’s values.



Whiteaker Market


Members of the Whiteaker Market came and gave an update on their looming grand opening, their contact info is


Whiteaker Market Facebook Page


Whiteaker Community Market Fundraiser

Great Whitaker Clean-up and Community Celebration


Organizer Wayde Love asked for support for the WCC to channel contributions. Sam proposed, Den seconded. Unanimous yes vote.


Great Whiteaker Clean-up and Community Celebration Facebook Event



Whiteaker Block Party


The Whiteaker Block Party asked for support for the WCC to channel contribution. Sam proposed, Lefty seconded. Unanimous yes vote.


A 100% volunteer run, free non-profit event that celebrates Eugene and the Whiteaker neighborhood!


Whiteaker Block Party Fundraiser

Whiteaker Block Party Website

Whiteaker Block Party Facebook






WCC General meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Meetings are held at the Whiteaker School. If you live, work or own property in the Whiteaker, you ARE a WCC Member!



7pm Every 2nd Wednesday

Whiteaker Community Center

North Jackson and Clark St.