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DECEMBER 9th 2015

Board Members in attendance:


Den Ramsey

Brad Foster


Sam Hahn

Aaron Moore

Kelley Jordan


Garden Street Project - Official Website


We started the meeting with a visit from Brent with the Garden Street Project. Brent brought us his idea for a street in the neighborhood to be closed to traffic and a park/garden built in the middle of it. The Board inquired about access for emergency vehicles since the street would be closed and the idea of an alleyway renovation was tossed around. Brent had a vision of 3rd and Van Buren for the Whiteaker Garden Street project. When Den asked why he chose a location so close to an existing park, Brent replied “It’s like Coke vs Pepsi.” This project would cost approx $500,000 to build and would need 100% resident support. The Board raised the issue of security and policing due to the number of homeless and drug use in our neighborhood. Brent felt the residents could help keep an eye out and help with security...Brent is expecting to have an actual conceptual plan around February of 2016.


Mayoral Candidate Lucy Vinis - Official Website


Up next was Mayoral Candidate, Lucy Vinis. Lucy has lived in Eugene for 24 years. Lucy says her family chose Eugene for it’s landscape, natural resources and schools. She was “drawn to the vestment of the community.” Over the years, Lucy was involved in non-profit work with Youth Visions and worked with Earth Share Oregon as a campaign manager. Lucy also has recently worked with ShelterCare Eugene. Lucy says a few reasons she chose to run for Mayor was to be more involved in the school systems, climate change issues and the steady rise of homelessness in the community. When Mrs. Vinis was asked what issues she was “For” and “Against”, she seemed to stay on the topic of compact growth and how that would look for Eugene. Public comment raised the issue of “Planning for what we already paid for” and how critical it is for a candidate to get back to that. There were several points made by Public Comment and the Board that weren’t addressed and Lucy Vinis thanked us for our time and consideration.


Railroad Quiet Zone - More info here


The discussion moved on to the “Quiet Zone” project briefly. It was noted that the next panel meeting was on Monday December 14th at 3pm. Ideas for the planning of the project are changing swiftly and the community is encouraged to become more involved in this proposed project that would greatly affect the Whiteaker neighborhood.  There will be much more talk at the WCC meetings about the “Quiet Zone” project in the future.


Whiteaker CarPark Project - More info here


The talks moved to “CarPark” projects. The Lot at 6th and Blair is being utilized but needs more signs and attention in general. It was announced that the lease for Trackside lot (2nd and Blair/Van Buren) was in the mail!! Sam talked about the idea to re-build the fence along the Trackside lot with sections designed by Whiteaker artists and residents. Community members are encouraged to start collecting “random crap” and reusing it to build the fence (BYOC). Built by the Whit! Get the word out and get people involved!


CarPark Donation fund-raiser started on OneToday



Housing Policy Board/Rental Housing Committee


We closed the WCC General meeting with public comment on a proposed Rental Policy Board that would act like a sub committee of the Housing Board. It was noted that the Housing Board consisted of mostly landlords and maybe one renter to represent us renters. The next Housing Policy Board meeting is December 16th at 3:30 and the rental community is encouraged to attend to even the numbers, so to speak.


The Rental Housing Committee, The Housing Policy Board Sub-Committee on Rental Housing Complaint Response will meet on Wednesday Dec 16, 3:30pm at the Atrium Building (10th and Olive - Kiddie corner from the bus station) in the Sloat Room.


PDF Memorandum: Report on Rental Housing Code


Housing and Community Services Agency


Housing Policy Board



*Scheduling issues prevented Pete Sorenson from joining the meeting.


WCC General meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Meetings are held at the Whiteaker School. If you live, work or own property in the Whiteaker, you ARE a WCC Member!





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