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January 11th 2017

WCC General Meeting Minutes


Attendees: 212 general, including 2 EPD, 9 Board members




EPD update

Mid-Term Election



EWEB General Manager

Frank Lawson, EWEB General Manager ( visited the WCC meeting to introduce himself and answer general questions from the community.


Questions fielded by Frank included:


Discussion of the weather related outages and impacts


There is not a standardized approach EWEB follows during an outage because the anatomy on each specific outage drives protocol for bringing on back power. Frank mentioned upwards of 2,500 tree related incidents for our most current outage across EWEBs area.


There was some discussion of factoring in socio/economic statistics into the protocol for bringing back on power as many low income people could not afford to move to another location and their homes were less weatherized.


EWEB and the other utilities and public agencies are applying for Federal disaster fund reimbursement to help with the costs. EWEB is expecting this to be in the $5 million dollar range for their portion. When any funds are received, they would cover costs and improvements to the system to help alleviate future outages.


Smart Meters. There are both pros and cons


Cons/concerns include


• life of a digital meter is shorter


• Some people have issues with radio frequencies but EWEBs approach would be to turn them on once a day for a millisecond each.


• Costs. EWEB wants to apply what makes sense


• Privacy. EWEB has no interest in whether you have your electricity on or off




• Consumption of power off peak, allows for greater selection by community on when to use power. There was some discussion of this use leveling out pricing, making coal look more cost effective, but EWEB is interested in getting resources that align with community values.



EPD Update


Lt. Bills ( – 541-682-5820) and Officer Clark attended the

meeting. Lt. Bills is the new night watch commander and has worked in Whiteaker previously in

the ‘cop in a box’ location several years ago. She also has special ops and SWAT backgrounds.


Anthony Johnson homicide update – the EPD believes they know who was involved but they

are working on proving it.


Lt. Bills stated that violent crime is increasing. There have been 16 homicides over three years.

Most were not drug related, for the most part the victim and perpetrator knew each other.


The night shift currently encompasses 11 officers (low staffed nights) to 15 officers (high staffed

nights and one to two supervisors depending on time of evening. Sun-Wed lower staffing and

Thurs-Sat higher staffing.


The EPD is currently downsizing staffing.


They are backfilling existing vacancies, seven recruits were just released and additional

vacancies will be filled next year. The detectives are short staffed and are down to five

headcount, so 3-4 officers will be moved up to detectives with the recruits coming on board.


Discussed at the meeting was:


DUI drivers and EPD coverage for Whiteaker. Lt Bills said they can direct the Dooley car

at night to the Whit.


First Street safety. Speed, driving recklessly, volumes of cars not leaving intersections

open when stopped, which increases hazards


Illegal camping and safety, especially under the bridge and in the parks.


Mid-Term Election update


We needed to replace three open seats on the Board. The seats will cover the next four months

until the next general election.


Of the nominated and seconded at the November meeting for the three open seats:


Royal Eddings

Dan Schmidt

Kim Robles

Thea Lee

Jason Vandahaar

James Evers


We had two attendees out of the nominated group:

James Evers

Kim Robles


The two candidates above were voted in to fill two of the open three general seats on the board.




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