Your Neighborhood Association

July 13th 2016

General Meeting Notes


Emily West

Cathy Feely

Brad Foster

Aaron J. Moore

Emily Rideout

Chris Gadsby

Lee Fouste

Community Attendees: 12


Meeting Topics

We had presentations and discussion regarding NEDCO First Time Home Buyers Programs, Formation of a Health Committee, and Feedback to the City of Eugene Traffic Engineer


NEDCO: First Time Home Buyers Programs


NEDCO First Time Home Buyers Programs (

Joanne McKinney ( 541-345-7106. Joanne came to present information on first time home buyers programs to assist renters who are encountering increasingly high rents be able to reach home ownership. NEDCO has a variety of classes and counseling to help first time home buyer build wealth toward a home purchase. There is a $75 membership fee. This will give all members in the same household unlimited classes and counseling for one year. Among the services NEDCO offers are financial assistance programs:


Individual Development Accounts (IDA) – An IDA is a matched savings program that helps you save toward closing costs and a down payment. Follow the link for more information.


Down Payment Assistance Programs – Various programs offer anywhere from $2000 – $10,000 in grants or “silent second” loans (zero interest and no payments until you sell the home) to help you with a down payment.  Funding and availability vary, but our Asset Building specialists will have the most up to date information for you.


Information at:


NEDCO also has programs for people with Educational needs and for starting a business.



Health Committee


Anand Holtham-Keathley discussed the health committee and what he intended to do to get it off the ground. This could go many ways, including working on Benzene level issues, Mosquitos, Disaster Planning, etc. He gathered information from interested community members to be able to build a list of interested volunteers. It will be important to have community support to make this successful. He intends to begin with a survey created to assess wider Community interests and concerns. The Board will review at the next meeting and vote on creation of a Health Committee. Anand will also touch base with Occupy Medical to see what they are encountering/working on.


Visit from City of Eugene Traffic Engineer: Matthew J Rodriques


City of Eugene Traffic Engineer Matthew J Rodrigues ( 541-682-6036

Matt provided an overview of projects and the structure and measures he is working on that would provide a formula for service requests and projects so they are less varied.


Traffic Enforcement. Public Awareness campaigns/ads about sharing the road with pedestrians and bicycles.


There are six traffic enforcement officers (motorcycles) for the City of Eugene. The City is working on adding radar equipment to vehicles so more officers can work on traffic enforcement as they are available. The City is also working with the police department to educate officers in traffic enforcement laws.


Traffic Safety. The City has received a $65,000 grant from the State to contract with LCOG to identify high crash corridors with an emphasis on pedestrians and bicyclists.


Brad Foster mentioned a bicycle/car incident he had been involved in and discussed Vision Zero and serious injuries and fatalities, and an emphasis on traffic enforcement.


Traffic Calming. One of the community members asked about getting a speed bump added to their street. The contact at the City is Lee Shoemaker.


1st & Monroe. There is a hole in the street the City is planning on filling in.


1st Street Traffic. Cathy Feely discussed having the City look at Don’t Block the Intersection signs along 1st Street. With the increase of traffic using 1st Street due to EMX Construction, increased brewery and distillery business and just more cars during morning and evening commute hours, the neighbors and 4J employees on the North side of 1st Street can’t exit the neighborhood.


4th & Blair. The City is working on striping a crosswalk this summer. The Crosswalk threshold formula is defined as 1500 cars/day.


5th & Blair. This seems to be taking a long time and bikes are not triggering it properly. The metal loop can be tuned for bicycles and the City is looking in to this.


6th /7th & Monroe. Brad asked about the signal changes since EMEX construction and the elimination of signal buttons for bicyclists. The City had not intended for these to be eliminated at this location, only for the audible signal to be pushed instead of automatic because there are residents nearby, but because of the way the standards had been written, it was not clear enough for this location and was changed inadvertently during construction. The street loops are induction, not magnetic, and the bicycle wheels need to hit both ends of the loop in the street to trigger. The City is looking at resolutions for this location including bike detection technology. The City has purchased a few infra-red detection units and this may be considered for use here.



7pm Every 2nd Wednesday

Whiteaker Community Center

North Jackson and Clark St.