Your Neighborhood Association

June 8th 2016

Meeting Attendance:


Lee Fouste

Chris Gadsby

Cathy Feely

Brad Foster

Travis Sirideon


Dan Bryant

Alicia Ginsberg

Andy Heben

Cat Rodriquez

Anet Alexander

Bill Keating

Steve Coatsworth

Anni Maver

William Maver


Fencing / Railroad Quiet Zone / Scobert Park


Bill Keating was present and wanted to support for the fence for the Quiet Train initiative. He also wanted to discuss liaison with the homeless community and placement of public porta-potties in Scobert Park. Some history of the park was discussed and the feelings of adjacent neighbors that this would attract further unwanted traffic in the park.


Emerald Village Tiny Housing Project


Dan Bryant was present with Alicia Ginsberg and Andy Heben to discuss the Emerald Village Tiny housing project. He discussed that 7 of the 22 homes can be from the neighborhood, outside of those being vetted through the homeless agencies to be owners of the homes through a cooperative. They have submitted the site plan to the City and are hoping to break ground around Labor Day. Construction should begin around Thanksgiving with a target of having occupied housing by beginning of winter. There are 12 architects involved in designing the homes and common space that would include a kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms. It is possible two shipping containers would be used for the common space.

Eligibility is reviewed by a committee formed from one representative from the Whiteaker community, one from NEDCO and two from Dan’s organization.


The target payments range from $150-300 per month with approximately $50 going toward equity each month and another portion going to security/upkeep of the cooperative. Once the value of the house is paid off, the monthly payment would decrease but this is not set yet as they still need to determine the ongoing cooperative expenses. There will be no security deposit, only 1st month payment initially. The target income is 30%% to as much as 50% MRI. Someone earning under $20k would likely qualify.


The project is all privately funded but they will be undergoing Section 8 inspection review for vouchers. There will be 10 volunteer hours per month and a mandatory homeowner’s course through NEDCO that is 2-8 hour sessions. Children are allowed. Built to Oregon energy and structural codes. There are some with lofts, but these have to be carefully designed for safety.


Meyer Memorial Trust has provided funding for the Veneta village project.


Discussion included questions about the above and having someone living on site this summer and fall until the site is occupied to discourage unrelated traffic. Dan said they may have a tiny house that could be placed on wheels and used for this.




7pm Every 2nd Wednesday

Whiteaker Community Center

North Jackson and Clark St.