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NOVEMBER 11th 2015

WCC General Meeting November 11, 2015


Board member, Kathy Feely shared her experience with CERT (Community Emergency Response Training). CERT is a large scale emergency training for community members. There is no cost to attend. Trainings are 3-4 hours long and meet 2 nights a week for a month. There will be another training this winter. Kathy encouraged all residents of the community to attend in the event there is a large scale emergency in our area. Safety first! You can find more information on the website:


Board Chair, Sam Hahn shared a lot of information about the proposed “Quiet Zone” project. Sam was invited to be on an advisory panel that consists of 12 Eugene area residents and business owners. 3-4 of which are staffed by the City of Eugene. Sam was initially the only Whiteaker community member invited to be a part of the panel. The panel has since invited Jeff Althouse, Owner/Founder of Oakshire Brewing located at 207 Madison Street in the Whiteaker. The advisory panel will have approximately 6 meetings in an effort to draft a proposal for the Quiet Zone project. The WCC had originally been approached by the City of Eugene about this project in 2006. At the time the WCC was given no real consideration in the Quiet Zone issue. Some key points of the Quiet Zone project:


  • There are 10 crossings being discussed in the project. 7 of which are in the Whiteaker  neighborhood. The project would involve closing 2 streets in the Whitaker to vehicles, Madison and Lincoln.

  • The project is rumored to cost 7.4 Million dollars without closing Madison and Lincoln. It would be a projected cost of 5.4 Million with those streets closed. The rail crossings at the closed streets would be equipped with walls/barriers or fencing in an effort to keep the crossings safe.

  • The other crossings in the project would be equipped with 2 additional, slightly larger arms.

  • Even with the Quiet Zone project in effect, Train Conductors would still be allowed to sound the horns if they see the need for safety reasons.

  • Sam Hahn announced that he has been invited to represent the Whiteaker Neighborhood as a “Quiet Zone” committee member. So much more to come on that issue. Stay tuned!





  • Trackside Lot: No new information.

  • “MUPTE”: No new information.

  • At Large Board Member Elections held, Lyle Murphy and Emily Ridout, were voted  in unanimously! Kelley Jordan was elected as acting Secretary for the WCC Board.

  • The Council decided to renew its City Club Membership.



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