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November 9th 2016

WCC General Meeting Minutes


Attendees: 20 general, including 3 EPD, 2 City of Eugene Parks Employees, 8 Board members



EPD update/Abatements

Scobert Park



General topics

Thea reported the Play area at the end of Grand is open now after some renovations.

Rest Stops. The WCC has been having discussions with the City about Whiteaker being over

full capacity for homeless camps and that they need to be better disbursed around the City.


Election update

Heavy agenda in October has pushed out the mid-term election. We need to replace three open

seats on the Board. The Dec meeting will be the next election for these seats.

Nominated and seconded at the November meeting for the three open seats are:


Royal Eddings

Dan Schmidt

Kim Robles

Thea Lee

Jason Vandahaar

James Evers



Kelly Putnam has been working abatement issues for seven years. There are several kinds of

abatements. State statutes and city ordinances are used. These fall normally under drugs,

prostitution or gambling issues with repeated offences. The City notifies the property owner with

a register letter warning that an abatement has been filed with the court within 30 days.

Abatements can shut down a residence for one year and during that time no one can be there.

A trespass letter from the owner gives the EPD the right to act as owner and arrest trespassers.

Abatement at 1352 Tyler took three years. It was a drug flophouse. The people walked away

and didn’t fight the abatement. Abatement at 242 Alba Park in Elmira took five years.

Activities should be called in to the EPD or send an email to Kelly and they can observe the

activities. Calling EPD creates a record


Within the Whit there are abatement activities at 171 Washington and 974 4th Avenue.

If wiring is ripped out or other unsafe conditions appear the code enforcement team can step in.

The Code enforcement team can shut down a residence until the shutdown is lifted and the

code is approved it can’t be occupied. Code enforcement can also disallow campers on the



An example is the house on 5th street that has been discussed at general meetings before. The

house is locked and the owner is only able to be there after talking to code enforcement to work

on remediation efforts. This is during daytime hours only.

If someone is behind on property tax payments, they have to be three years in arrears and then

the owner has to be given time to catch up


Scobert Park

Emily Proudfoot facilitated a working session on what direction the community and the City

should take for Scobert Park improvements. This will be an ongoing project but input was

provided during the working session.



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