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October 12th 2016

WCC General Meeting Minutes


Attendees: 23, including 5 EPD, 2 City of Eugene Parks Employees, 1 EFD. 9 Board members



EPD Presentation

Overall City Parks Plan and Beginning discussions on Sladden Park

Train Derailment


EPD Presentation

Lt. Sean McGann, Patrol- Watch Commander 541-682-8467


Lt McGann is our point of contact for EPD activities within the Whiteaker Community. He introduced the other EPD officers present at the meeting and discussed staffing within the City and for Ward 5. Ward 5 goes basically from the Whiteaker community to the Airport and is assigned 4 officers. The downtown Ward 2 is assigned 9 officers currently. The entire City of Eugene is assigned 13 officers total during peak shifts Sunday-Wednesdays. Lt. McGann also discussed the overall approach to policing in the City of Eugene and in the Whiteaker neighborhood and presented some response heat maps. The heat maps covered proactive (community) policing and calls the EPD responded to. We have requested that the EPD also provide a heat map that shows the calls that have been made but not responded to help provide the full picture. We also asked for additional statistical information that would show the percent of calls not dispatched vs those that are dispatched.


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Call in any Issues you see. The EPD is encouraging everyone – all Whiteaker businesses and residents – to call in any issues or concerns they have to the EPD non-emergency number 541-687-5111 (unless of course it’s an emergency, then use 911). EPD will determine the urgency and dispatch response.


Eugene City Council Meetings. It is increasingly important that all business owners and residents of the Whiteaker community attend Eugene City Council Meetings to request funding/hiring additional police officers for the Whiteaker community.


Eugene City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of each month 7:30 pm at Harris Hall, in the Lane County Courthouse building 125 E 8th


Gang Activity

Detective Dave Burroughs,

Detective Burroughs discussed Gang activity in Eugene. He said he does see any evidence that it is especially concentrated within the Whiteaker community but they do take advantage of open space for some of their activities. There are gang ties to most of the recent shooting incidents in Eugene, this includes events at the City of Eugene Library, Springfield, Barger and Whiteaker Tyler and the murder. There is a lot of drug activity in relation to the shootings. Human trafficking is mainly related to prostitution. Det. Burroughs was asked if he could identify gang activity in relation to graffiti within the Whiteaker vs the more violent incidents. He will need to follow-up with this.


City of Eugene Parks

Emily Proudfoot, City of Eugene Landscape Architect, 541-682-4915,

Carolyn Burke

Peter Chavannes Parks Programs


Emily presented the overall City of Eugene Parks plan and then discussed Sladden Park. Sladden is

on the City’s list to do some upgrades this coming year. This includes budget to improve/resurface

the tennis court and to redo the playground. The current playground surface is sand and the City

wants to replace it with a more current safe surface. Because this requires more depth, the

playground’s placement near the trees is part of the review. A group of interested Whiteaker

neighbors will work with Emily in reviewing Sladden Park and providing input into any redesign or

new features.


Train derailment

Forrest Chambers, Interim Emergency Manager, EFD, 541-682-5664,


Forrest presented information on the recent train derailment on Sept 25. Thirteen cars derailed going

around a curve in the yard, off the main line. The cars were being remotely operated by a railroad

employee standing next to the train. The cause appears to be heavy cars on each end and light cars

in the middle while going around the curve. There was only one car of concern during the derailment

contained propane and was not leaking. In terms of any potential hazard, in a worst case-scenario, a

propane tank similar to the one that derailed, if it were to explode, it would have a blast radius of

approximately 600 yards, a burn radius of 1,100 yards and an impact radius of 1,300 yards. If the

tank had been chlorine instead of propane, this would cause an immediate breathing emergency

with evacuations if the tank was leaking, this type of tank does not explode.


Emergency Notifications: In the event the City needs to reach out to the public in case of an

emergency in your area, the City will generate an automated call to land lines and Mobile phones

that are signed up for the emergency notification system.


If you want to receive an automated call on your mobile phone, you can sign up by going to the City of Eugene website at:




7pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Whiteaker Community Center

North Jackson and Clark St.


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