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September 14th 2016

WCC General Meeting Notes


Eugene Civic Alliance/Kidsports


Bev Smith talked about the plans for the new facilities at Eugene Civic and how they will help with kids’ sports programs. They are in a 'soft' fundraising phase now and will go to a larger fundraising phase next summer.


More info is at


A Better Oregon: Measure 97


Michael McCarthy discussed Measure 97 which creates a 2.5% tax on corporate gross receipts within Oregon over $25 million dollars. These funds could be used wherever the Oregon legislature sees a gap, such as schools, poverty and medical care for the poor. Estimated income from this is $3 billion dollars annually.


More information on the Measure 97:,_Measure_97_(2016)


Emerald Village


Dan Bryant gave an update on the tiny houses planned to be built at Polk and RR

Blvd. They are looking for applicants, 1/3 of which are targeted at Whiteaker residents looking for affordable housing.


More information and contacts can be found at:


Community Discussion: Crime


Joining the Discussion:

Mayor Kitty Piercy

Incoming Mayor Lucy Vinis

EPD Acting Chief Sam Kamkar - Patrol Division

Lt. Doug Mozan

Crime Prevention Specialist Margaret Mazzotta

AIC Police Commission Analyst Jeremy Cleversey


We discussed how the EPD is organized. EPD stated that staffing is based on calls received and that our Beat (5) does not have a very high level of calls coming in.


We have 4 officers staffed for the whole of Beat 5, of which Whiteaker is a part of, which encompasses basically everything west of us that's within the City, all the way to the Airport. To put this in perspective, downtown Eugene is Beat 2 and has one supervisor and nine officers. While Chief Kamkar who manages dispatch for Beat 5 said he is now aware of our concerns, EPD also said they are not staffed to adequately respond to the calls they receive.


Many audience members stated that they no longer call in things to EPD because they don't get any response or service (a situation that is not the norm in other parts of town).


The EPD cited an example that on Wednesdays at 8pm they have their highest staffing on duty and they were shorthanded on the calls coming in. We also discussed how funding of the EPD works. EPD reviews their staffing/budget needs and they float upwards to Chief Kerns who then sends on to the City of Eugene Budget Committee, of which our City Councilor Claire Syrett is a member. The decisions on funding City programs are made at the Budget Committee level and sent upwards for approval to the City Council. Mayor Piercy stated that no one has ever attended a City Council meeting and said that the EPD responses are inadequate and that they need more funding/staff. EPD has also not requested additional staffing from the budget committee.


Current EPD Org Chart:


Eugene Police Department Facebook page:

You can post links from a Whiteaker Open Neighbors Group where you are seeing evidence of crime taking place. This will help point EDP the right direction:


Eugene Police Department Website: Dispatch log and Report a Crime links are located:


Eugene Crime Statistics:


To keep crime statistics funding our EPD presence, we need to be very diligent about continuing to call everything in that we have concerns about.


Crime Prevention Specialist Margaret Mazzotta

Mazzotta is assigned to Ward 5



EPD Beat Map. Whiteaker is in Beat 5:





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Whiteaker Community Center

North Jackson and Clark St.


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